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Jessie Saint
Jessie Saint

United States

  • 21
  • 33A - 24 - 31 Measurements
  • 162cm - 5ft 3in Height
  • 45kg - 99lbs Weight
  • Blonde Hair
  • Green Eye

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Jessie Saint Biography

Here is another American hottie all the way from sin city - Las Vegas, Nevada. Born on march 7th 2000., being a pisces by sign, you can expect her to be very multitalented...

So she is not just gorgeous with her fit, perky body and boobies, but also proficient in many ways of sex. She is well established in many different porn scenes already. Blowjobs, fetish kind of kinky stuff, even some lesbian group sex she performed in. All did on a very high level of professionalism. And being relatively young, it is a great achivement.

She is 160 cm (5 feet 3 inches) tall (or short lol), and 45 kilos. She definetely can be considered a petite! Her hair color naturally is brown, but she prefers to color it. Usually it is some variation of blonde she prefers. But it is not rare to spot her with blue, red or green hair! She is really a crazyhead, isn't she?!

Her vibrant eyes best articulated with a light, almost white blonde color of her hair. But that is just one of her many faces she can wear. For instance, when she sports some ponytails, she looks really like a schoolgirl. Which is of course not too far from the truth, being very young and such. With curvy, half brown - half blonde hair, she looks more like a girl next door kind of, girlfriend material type girl. Which one we prefer? I would definetely vote for option two, but tastes can differ. And that is why Jessie Saint is so much a choice for everyone.

Her looks can be seductive. She can be accomodating as a girlfriend. She is a great lover of another girl, or girls as well. Daddys little girl? Absolutely she can be!

Her tattooes also worth some time to cherish. She have various tats all over her body, but not too offensive ones. Small, discrete, statement like pieces of arts actually. But born and raised in Sin City itself, one can't really avoid having these at one point or another, right? She is not even 21 yet, so she can't consume those adult beverages or play some games in the casino. It is just very customary, to practice that form of self articulation and art on yourself.

All in all, we all are very much looking forward to enjoy more and more prime material from this petite little fuck prince! If you can not visit Las Vegas for it's sins, let those sins visit you - we say ;)

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